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New Storyteller in need of assistance!

Hello all, I just joined the community because (*drumroll*) I've become an ST for the first time. :) Since the folks I'm playing with are also new to W:tA if not the WOD in general, I have my work cut out for me. We're running an old-school Werewolf campaign (the new WOD is just... feh.), and I'll be commencing with the Rites of Passage this Sunday.

Panic attack! While I already have a really good idea what I want to do with the CoG Theurge (Theurges & Ahrouns are easy), I'm stuck on ideas for the Fianna Ragabash & Philodox. Considering how awesome & scary the Theurge RoP is going to be, I have no idea how I can create something equally fabulous for a trickster and a peacemaker.

Any suggestions/thoughts/total idea-pirating/etc. is welcome. :)
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