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Werewolf the Apocalypse

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These are the final days
The signs are clear:
Even our pups know
That this is the age of the Apocalypse.

The Humans have Corrupted the Earth
Destroyed the Trees
Slaughtered the Beasts
Choked the Air
Poisoned the Soil
Clogged the Waters
Unleashed the Eternal Fire

Now, the Wyrm rises
To eclipse the Moon,
Devouring all within it's grasp.
Hunting the Hunters.

There is no garden to which we can flee.
There is nowhere to hide.
The end is upon us.
When will you Rage?

This is a Live Journal dedicated to the wonders that is Werewolf the Apocalypse. It's for the warriors of Gaia to discuss aspects of the game or just to get to know eachother.

Read and enjoy!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
Werewolf the Apocalypse is the copyrite of White Wolf.

The lovely image of the Crinos werewolf on the main journal page is owned and drawn by Jaime 'Blaqriot' Sidor who is a wonderful artist with an enjoyable website.